I have been a LEED AP for a number of years now and have watched as projects have been gerrymandered to become “Platinum” examples of the state of the art of building sustainable building. I have defended the LEED approach when bad examples were offered as advances with some saving grace.
If we continue to certify egregious examples of stupid buildings we will deserve to be made extinct! Greenwash is no better than “Healthy” potato chips or “Low Fat” ice cream.
I just returned from a tour of a 3500 square foot home meant to be proffered as worthy of LEED platinum. If this building were to survive to the end of the universe it would not save the resources invested in its creation. Anyone with common sense would agree, however, it seems, common sense is no longer common.
At some point we have to say enough fluff, let’s build simple, sustainable homes and not wink at the exceptions. The public and the market are not stupid.


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