Commonsense Hurricanes

Here I sit on the coast of Maine waiting for Hurricane Irene to come calling:

Applying common sense is sometimes difficult in the face of adversity, but let’s apply it to insure our own temporary sustainance and sustenance:

  1. It’s not the structures, it’s the missiles. Throw the patio furniture in the pool. Get rid of the stacks of extra studs and plywood. Batten down the hatches.
  2. Avoid low ground. People still drown in underpasses. Trucks won’t run underwater and when they quit, it is always at the worst time.
  3. Don’t go out to “Watch the storm come in.” ! Over a hundred spectators were drown in the storm surge standing on Point Judith during the 1938 hurricane. “Oh boy, I got a picture!”, is usually followed by other unrecorded expletives from the drowned observer. There were great shots of the tsunami in Thailand recovered from camera chips separated from their departed owners.
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