Common sense combined heat and power.

So why do we build enormous fossil fuel gulping/burning power plants to distribute electricity to run electric domestic water heaters? And the domestic water heaters are providing water at about the temperature the power plants condensers are sending plumes of hot moist air into the atmosphere?? It takes more than twice as much waste heat at the power plant to give us a hot shower. Look at the difference:

Nearly twice as good! Combine that with the advantage of distributed generation with all the transmission line losses (which I think understates loss since it originates with a consortium of power companies):


So the future should look like this (not too sure about those guys in the “central control”:

And to say nothing of the “National Security Aspect” (too many power plants, not enough planes or bombs!)

This is all about the second “C”, Combine, from an earlier post. (But if we don’t “C”onserve first, the whole network will be oversized and not affordable.


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