Commonsense Direction

So, back in the day, when we started walking upright and living in caves, it was de rigeur not to generate waste on the same end of the cave as the water supply. Similarly, when villages grew, the privy, bathing, and cleanup areas was separated from the water vessel filling stations. And so civilization continued. Villages grew into camps, the chesters (from the Latin castra) of Manchesters and Dorchesters. Better to be spread along the river length so that the water inlets and waste outlets were far enough apart. So population density evolved and we needed controls. We thought that central governments would never let us do something stupid, or harm ourselves.

At some point we wondered if all this was going to be sustainable, and we looked ┬áto the same “big brother” government that told us cigarettes and Thalidomide were O.K. to regulate our energy and resource use. I am beginning to thing we are moving in the wrong direction. It appears impossible to change the direction of the juggernaut. Easier to turn a super tanker around in the East River. But I can change my mind easily. If my choices can become a sustainable me, and my home can be a sustainable home, and my village can become a sustainable village, perhaps the peninsula can become a sustainable peninsula and so forth. So let us not look to “the government” for a solution. Let us each examine the light bulbs, wandering car trips, and running water while brushing our teeth to reverse the momentum of more into a sustainable enough.

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